Miscellaneous Images


Please e-mail  jrowe@vintagephoto.com with the number of the item that you are interested in purchasing. Postage is $4.00 with tracking, insurance extra at the discretion of buyer. 3 day return privilege with buyer paying all postage and insurance costs unless item not as described. Items will be shipped when payment has cleared.


Great early studio cabinet card portrait of Native American probably from t Pacific Northwest. Studio-ish bow and arrow. Very sharp face a background, body moved slightly during exposure. No imprint or photographer's ID. Great tones and contrast. $375.


Spectacular crisp cabinet card studio portrait of Spanish American War era soldier in uniform with rifle and bayonet by C. R. Rees of Petersburg, VA. Fresh pressed uniform with spats, boots, and hat. Some wear and surface soil on mount. A wonderful clear military image.  SOLD


Studio portrait of a young girl who is clearly missing her left arm - the empty arm of her dress is posed on the chair. She wears what appears to be a photo locket. Will L. Hoff photographer of Angola, Indiana with wonderful logo of camera, chemistry and artist's palette on reverse. A very unusual CDV. $95. 


Wonderful diptych of the interior of a Montana butcher shop. Great oyster ad calendar, phone and stuffed dear as background. Other image is a view of their storage locker showing carcasses. 3 1/2 X 5 1/2 images on 5 1/4 X 7 1/2 card.$125


Spectacular CDV sized tintype of a proud young motorcyclist with his girl in the sidecar. Great, late outdoor tintype. Some surface crazing but no folds or creases. $175


Wonderful CDV sized tintype studio portrait of a man holding or working on cabinet cards. Several other cabinet cards are on the table at his side. Very clean surface. A great addition to your collection. $125


Spectacular 5 X 8 boudoir cabinet view of the receiving room in a San Diego mansion (likely Casa Abra) with Parker - Photographer 740 5th street, San Diego, CA imprint on reverse. The center of attention in the image is the largest and most elaborate photographic album and stand that I've ever seen.  Great addition to your California or photographic image collection. $75


Cabinet card of Anna Leak, born without arms. This portrait CDV shows her serving tea and is annotated and signed by her August 13, 1871. SOLD


CDV sized tintype of a well dressed man holding horses in front of carriage posed in front of a Drug and Book store in what appears to be a western town. $SOLD