This is a work in progress to compile as comprehensive as possible a listing numbers and titles of individual American Stereoscopic Company stereographs of Arizona, and of Arizona related commercial sets. If you have examples that are not on this list, or valiant titles for any of the numbers or captions I would appreciate hearing from you. Ideally I would like to obtain either a xerox copy or scan for my files as well. Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.

Please feel free to use this information but please credit this source and reproduce only with full credit information.

Thank you.

Jeremy Rowe

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PUBLISHER: American Stereoscopic Company
DATE: 1903, 07

Across the Grand Canyon of the Colorado from Sentinel Point, Az. USA

Battwhy's Butte, Grand Canyon of the Colorado, USA

Gazing into the Awe-inspiring depth of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, USA

Looking down the Colorado River from Grand view trace Grand Canyon of the Colorado, USA

Looking up Bright Angel Creek from O'Neil's Grand Canyon of the Colorado, USA

Mt. Vishnu, Grand Canyon of the Colorado, USA

Trailing through the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, USA

PUBLISHER: American Stereoscopic Company
SERIES: American Stereoscopic Company/Manufacturers and Publishers/New York, U.S.A/725 - 727 Broadway
DATE: 1903, 07
MOUNT: gray curved

2174. Loading Copper ore in one of the rich mines of Arizona.

2179. Tree Trunks turned into Jewel-like Stone - A Petrified Forest in Arizona 1907.

2180. Cliff home of prehistoric Americans in lonely wilds of Arizona. Looking up Chase Creek between Clifton and Metcalf Arizona, USA 1903 by R.Y. Young.

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