This is a work in progress to compile as comprehensive as possible a listing numbers and titles of individual stereographs of Arizona from the Powell Expeditions.If you have examples that are not on this list, or valiant titles for any of the numbers or captions I would appreciate hearing from you. Ideally I would like to obtain either a xerox copy or scan for my files as well. Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.

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Powell Survey Stereographs by Year - 1872

River Views (133-177 by Fennimore) (178-218 by Hillers)
Glen Canon Series.
This canon is 149 miles in length and from 200 to 1600 feet in depth.

133 Side Canon.

134 Scene on the River.

135 Island Monument.

136 Side Canon.

137 Side Gulch.

138 Sandstone Cliffs.

139 Lost Creek Butte.

140 Below the mouth of the Dirty Devil.

141 Cave at Lost Creek Butte.

142 Mouth of Trachyte Creek.

143 Looking up a Glen.

144 Wall across the river.

145 Oozing spring in the wall.

146 Pool in glen.

147 One of the Glens.

148 Fallen Rocks.

149 Entrance to Music Temple.

150 Wall of Glen Canon.

151 Side canon.

152 Water Pocket in a Glen.

153 Side gorge.

154 Orange sandstone.

155 Rounder wall.

156 Vertical wall.

157 Looking down on the river.

158 Alcove in opposite wall.

159 Looking around a bend.

160 Orange sandstone boulders.

161 Painted wall.

162 One of the Glens.

163 Looking up a gulch.

164 Side canon.

165 Sandstone columns.

166 Edge of the water.

167 Helmet Rock.

168 Shinarump sandstone.

169 Over the river.

170 Blue bird Canon.

171 Cottonwood Spring.

172 Mirror Water Pocket.

173 One of the Glens.

174 Red wall.

175 Mouth of Water pocket Canon.

176 Sandstone landscape.

177 Tam-a-nump Canon. (A lateral gorge)

Marble Canon Series.
This canon is 65 1/2 miles long and from 200 to 3000 feet deep.

178 Boulders.

179 Leaning Tower.

180 Looking up the River.

181 The Canon at Noon.

182 Mirror Bayou.

183 The Shadow.

184 The Spanish Bayonet.

185 The Boats.

186 Cliff between Marble Canon & Side Canon.

187 Cliff at junction of Little Colorado River.

Grand Canon Series.
This canon is 217 1/2 miles in length and from 4,500 to 6,200 feet in depth.

188 Cliff at the junction of the Little Colorado River.

189 Boulders.

190 The Boat.

191 Looking up the River.

192 One mile below mouth of Little Colorado.

193 Head of the Grand Canon.

194 River View. (neg broken)

195 A Dangerous Rapid.

196 Walls of Granite.

197 A Fall.

198 Granite Buttresses.

199 Running out of the Granite.(neg broken)

200 A little vegetation.


202 Looking up the River.

203 Walls of Limestone.

204 Boulders.

205 Kaibab Plateau. (distant view)

206 Tower on the wall.

207 rocks.

208 Side Canon Tapeats River.

209 Barrel Cactus Canon.

210 Wall across the river.

211 Side Gulch (neg broken)

212 Nearer view of falls in Side Gulch. (neg broken) (can't print)

213 Cataract in a Cleft.

214 Marble Boulders.

215 Rapid at the Mouth of the Kanab.

216 Across the Canon.

217 Canon view.

218 Lava slope

Land Views (all by Fennimore)

Views on Colob Plateau.
Colob Plateau lies between Le Verkin Creek and the north fork of the Rio Virgen in Utah.

80 Colob Valley.

81 Sugar Loaf Buttes.

82 Mt Colob.

83 Pines.

84 Looking toward Mukoontuweap.

85 Mt. Colob.

86 Wall of North Fork Canon.

87 Mt. Colob.

88 Crags near Mt. Colob.

89 Crags near Mt. Colob.

90 Hole in the wall.

91 Eroded sandstone.

92 Near view of Colob Cliffs.

93 White sandstone.

94 Cross bedded sandstone.

95 Coop Ranche.

96 Looking across Colob Valley.

97 Over the valley.

98 The dead pine.

99 Colob Cliffs in the distance.

Views in the Uinkaret Mountains.
The Uinkaret Mountains are a group of volcanic buttes and cones in northern Arizona standing on the north side of the Grand Canon of the Colorado.

100 Disintegrated Lava.

101 Sandstone blocks.

102 Cross bedded sandstone.

103 Bed of Basalt.

104 Lava.

105 Toroweap Canon.

106 Among the cliffs.

Views on the Escalante River.
This stream heads in Table Cliff Mountain, Utah flows northeast & then southwest. It is about 100 miles long & empties into the Colorado River.

107 The desolate hills.

108 A distant butte.

109 A Water pocket.

110 Wall of Escalante Canon.

111 Junction of the Escalante River & Potato Creek.

Views on the Aquarius Plateau.
This is one of the series of present plateaus in southeastern Utah. It has an area of 1,000 square miles & an average elevation of 11,5000 feet. It is heavily timbered with pine & spruce forests & has numerous beautiful lakes.

112 Aspen Lake.

113 Bee Lake.

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