This is a work in progress to compile as comprehensive as possible a listing numbers and titles of individual stereographs of Arizona from the Powell Expeditions.If you have examples that are not on this list, or valiant titles for any of the numbers or captions I would appreciate hearing from you. Ideally I would like to obtain either a xerox copy or scan for my files as well. Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.

Please feel free to use this information but please credit this source and reproduce only with full credit information.

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Powell Survey Stereographs by Year - 1873

River Views (all by Hillers)

Grand Canon Series.

219 To-ro-weap Terrace.

220 The Canon from the foot of To-ro-weap Valley.

221 The River.

222 The Basin.

223 Wai-yu-ni Toom-pin Wu-near.

224 Mu-av Canon from the Pai-yu-ni Toom-pin Wu-near.

225 The Poised Rock.

226 Mu-av Canon from Side Gulch.

227 The Chasm of the Colorado.

228 Midgets Tower.

229 The Grand Canon from Powell's Plateau.

230 The Grand Canon from To-ro-weap Valley looking down.

231 The Grand Canon from To-ro-weap Valley looking up.

232 Wi-gam A-na-ka-rear.

233 To-rom Pi-ka-vu.

234 Aubrey Sandstone.

235 Side Canon.

Ethnographic Views (all by Hillers)

Indians of the Colorado Valley.
A tribe of the Pai Utes living on the Kaibab Plateau near the Grand Canon of the Colorado in Northern Arizona.

1 The Arrow Maker and his Daughter.

2 Group of Men in Full Dress.

3 Chu-ar-ru-um-peak and his friends.

4 Chu-ar-ru-um-peak Shooting a Rabbit.

5 U-wa, wife of Chu-ar-ru-um-peak, Chief of the Kai-vav-its.

6 U-wa on a Rock.

7 Woman Grinding.

8 Ku-ra-tu.

9 The Empty Cradle.

10 Ku-ra-tu and Mu-pates.

11 Ta-vo-koki or The Circle Dance. (Summer Costume.)

12 Ta-vo-koki or The Circle Dance. (Winter Costume.)

13 The Basket Maker.

14 Group of Women in Full Dress.

15 Kindling a Fire by Friction.

16 Showing the Wi-geav or Feather Head Dress.

17 Ka-ni-ga, The Camp Ground.

18 Pile of Little Indians.

19 Game of Wolf and Deer.

20 One little,- two little - three little Indians.

21 The Water Carriers.

22 The Seed Gatherers.

23 The Mother.

24 Inquiring for the Water Pocket.

25 Mounted Indians.

26 Proud of their Grand-son.

27 Won-si-vu or Young Antelope.

28 Won-si-vu and Ku-ra-tu.

29 The Rabbit Skin.

30 Ku-ra-tu at Rest.

31 Won-si-vu at Rest.

32 The Necklace.

33 Chu-ar-ru-um-peak and his Family.

34 The Game of Ni-aung-pi-kai.

35 Summer Home under a Cedar.

36 Domestic Scene.

37 A Bush for a Home.

38 Waiting for the Kettle to Boil.

39 In Council.

40 "At Home."

U-ai Nu-ints.
A tribe of Indians living on the Rio Virgen, a tributary of the Colorado in Southern Utah.

41 Moak-Shin-on-av, Chief of the U-ai Nu-ints.

42 The Hunter.

43 Nu-nu-shi-unt, The Dreamer.

44 Ta-peats.

45 The Kahn or Tent.

46 Mo-kwi-uk and his Daughter.

47 Kwi-toos and his Son.

48 Mon-su and Su-vu-it.

49 The little Hunter and his Sweetheart.

50 Tau-gu, Great Chief of the Pai Utes.

51 Ma-nu-ni, All of the Tribe with Mormon and Gentile Spectators.

A tribe of Indians inhabiting the Valley of the Mo-a-pa, a tributary of the Rio Virgen in Southern Nevada.

52 Au-at Tau-a (Beautiful Man) Chief of the Mo-a-pa-ri-ats.

53 Wu-nav-ai Gathering Seeds.

54 Tau-um-pu-garp, Sub Chief of the Mo-a-pa-ri-ats.

55 San-o-kuts.

56 Pan-a-wai-tau-a.

57 "Five and Three are Eight".

58 Met on the Road.

59 Jim-mi-jim-mi and Pi-ka-whi.

60 Cutting Fringe.

N u-a-gun-tits.
A tribe of Indians living at the Ve-gas or Meadows in South-western Nevada.

61 The Brother Chiefs.On the right Ku-ni-kai-vets and his Wife, Si-kan-a-kwits. On the left, Ti-si-ar-ump and his Wife, San-ta-kuts,(Water-melon).

62 An-ti-naints, Pu-tu-siv and Wi-chuts.

63 An-ti-naints, Pu-tu-siv and Wi-chuts. (Sitting)

64 An-ti-naints and Wi-chuts.

65 Si-gav and An-ti-naints.

66 Ko-mo-hoats.

67 Kai-ar.

68 Kai-ar in Calico.

69 E-nu-ints-i-gaip, One of the Ancients.

70 Two Old Boys.

71 The old Gamblers.

72 Ka-ni.

73 Ka-ni sleeping.

74 Ta-noats.

A tribe of Indians living in Uinta Valley on the eastern slope of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah.

75 Indian Lodge.

76 Visiting the Settler.

77 Breaking up Camp.

A tribe of Indians living in Northern New Mexico.

78 Ash-tish-kel, a Chief of the Navajoes.

79 On a Trading Expedition.


80 Terraced Houses in Oraibi, A Pueblo in Northern Arizona.

81 A Street Scene in Oraibi.

82 The Chiefs House in the Town of Oraibi.

83 A back Street in Oraibi.

84 Harvest Home.

85 House of Tal-ti, Chief of the Council.

86 Ancient Ruins on the Cliffs of Glen Canon. Front View.

87 Ancient Ruins on the Cliffs of Glen Canon. Back View.

88 Ancient Ruins on the Cliffs of Glen Canon. Seen from foot of Cliff.

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